Mommy meets Prince Charming

     You and your prince charming (your husband of course) are at a luxury all-inclusive resort. You are lying in a hammock and he is beside you. Both of you look like you have spent hours in the gym. You have a beautiful bikini and you look perfect.  Your husband is tan, has a five o’clock shadow that perfectly highlights his face, and he is perfectly sweaty. You have an umbrella drink in your hand and the condensation is running down your arm, but you do not care. The breeze is just right and there is no humidity in the air. Your husband reaches over to…. Continue reading


Thought of the Day: Why does it seem to matter if my legs rub together?

Just my random thoughts on this:

I happen to be incredibly short. Well, maybe not that short. I am 5 feet tall (actually 5 ft. point something…but not five one). I was blessed with a short body and no legs. When I say no legs, I mean my legs are like maybe 28 inches long. My thigh muscles, also known as quads, are huge. If that is not bad enough I also have cellulite. I have beautifully dimpled, flabby, 28 inch long legs (typed with sarcasm). And guess what, I have a totally normal BMI and I am not overweight.

America my legs have and always will rub together. So, America what does that say about me? What does this mean…I have curves and maybe some would say that I even have thunder thighs? Does this mean that I am a “real woman” because “real women have curves?” I believe that I this on a TV commercial. Well, I guess it is a good thing that I do because I would not want to be considered a fake woman!

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