Mommy meets Prince Charming

     You and your prince charming (your husband of course) are at a luxury all-inclusive resort. You are lying in a hammock and he is beside you. Both of you look like you have spent hours in the gym. You have a beautiful bikini and you look perfect.  Your husband is tan, has a five o’clock shadow that perfectly highlights his face, and he is perfectly sweaty. You have an umbrella drink in your hand and the condensation is running down your arm, but you do not care. The breeze is just right and there is no humidity in the air. Your husband reaches over to….

     “Mommy, I need to pee! Where are you,” comes from toddler 1’s room.

     Oh…another beautiful dream interrupted before it gets to the good part.  You think, “I really, really need a vacation”

      “Ahhhh!!!!” comes from toddler 2’s room.  Yep, that is toddler 2 screaming in her bed for you to come and get her.

     You stand up, put on your robe, walk into your children’s rooms and try to smile even though you are exhausted. “If I could only get that vacation”, you think it yourself, “then I could be a better mom. I just need a vacation.”

               It is so hard for me to be a happy morning person when I wake up to screaming. This has to be normal. I cannot be that bad of a mom. This is what I keep telling myself as I walk with the girls downstairs. When I reach the downstairs toddler 1 starts demanding juice; she does this every morning. “You know you need to drink milk in the morning,” I tell her and then she starts to cry.

     “Can I watch cartoons?” she asks.

     “You know I watch the news every morning,” I tell her and she cries. The news is the only adult show I get to watch during the day. I happen to look forward to it every morning. Sad…I know!

       I take a deep breath and walk around the kitchen holding toddler 2. She is crying for milk and I try to sit her down to get her milk. When I start to put her down she lets out a blood curdling scream! “How can I get milk and hold you at the same time?” you say and then you look at those blue eyes and you find a way to do it because she looks so pitiful.

             This is a morning (and many other mornings) where I need to just shut my eyes and pray, “Dear Lord, Please help me make it until lunch time. Please help them to stop crying and to be happy.”

               It is true. Some days I suck as a parent. I do not have the patients or the words or the know how to make a morning go smoothly. We have not even made it to breakfast and I am already praying for help.  My normal reaction is to be angry at the situation and sometimes to even raise my voice at my kids.  However, these are the moments when I need to stop and thank the Lord for my children, to pray for strength, to be slow to anger, and to drink a really strong mimosa.             


               Ever have a morning like this?


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