IVF Experiences and Trials

No one can truly prepare you for what IVF is going to do to you. It is a beast. It is a life-changer. I recently listened to a book on Audible by Liane Moriarty called What Alice Forgot. This is probably one of the best books I have “read” in a long time. In the book one of the characters goes through IVF. The author truly conveys what it is like to go through IVF. She does a better job than I ever will, but I am going to give it a try. Continue reading


Does this snot make my butt look big?

Sniff, wipe nose with arm…

Sniff, wipe nose with mom’s hair…

Sniff, wipe nose on couch…

Sniff, wipe nose on mom’s leg…

You get the point and you know that you have been there. Cold season is the worst time of year. I dread it every year and so does my couch. With two toddlers who have a snotty nose the world becomes their tissue. I have tried to teach my children to use tissues, but let’s be honest about this moms, dads still pick their noses! We have our hands full! Continue reading

Too Tired to Parent

911: What is your emergency?

Me: I am exhausted

911: I am sorry, but I do not understand

Me: I have two toddlers and one was up all night. The other is full of energy and wants me to play. I am down to my last bit of coffee and the milk is all gone.

911: We will be right there…how do you take your coffee?

 Whatever happened to rock-n-roll all night and party every day? Oh yeah, you turned 30. I just cannot stay up like I used to and when I do it is not pretty!!!!!! (YES, there is a need for the excessive exclamation points.) Continue reading

Yes, I feed my children poison!

 *Please note that these are my personal opinions. I am not trying to offend anyone.

Vegan. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Grass Fed. Cage Free. Paleo. Almond Milk. Organic. GMO Free.


I happen to be a country girl, born and raised. My momma fed me fried potatoes, gravy, Hamburger Helper, and tuna from a can. My great grandma allowed me to eat butter from the dish and pig brains with scrambled eggs. And you know what? My brain did not rot. I did not grow a third arm. And I hit puberty at a natural age.  I will not dare call myself normal, because let’s face it, what is normal? Continue reading

Mom Shaming

If you have paid attention to the news lately there have been multiple stories about horrible mothers. I mean these mothers are just horrible! They let unimaginable things happen to their children. They do not discipline their child, they allow them to run wild, and because these women are such bad people/parents bad things happen to their children. 

Well I am calling bull crap on this one! Yes, I said crap (I kept it G-rated). I must be a terrible mother for even saying such a word, shame on me.  I mean only a horrible mother would do such a thing. Listen peeps, I have a news flash for you! Good people who are good parents and love their children have bad things happen to them. Also, good parents have children that do not always behave. They have children that have minds of their own. Children who will rebel and test limits. They have children that will do this at home and yes (insert the music dunt dunt duh) in public.   Continue reading

Stay-at-Home Mom Challenges

Three years ago I made the easy decision to quit my job because I had a baby on the way. I was going to be a mommy and I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mommy.  This was a dream of mine. I suck at housework, but I could get better. I love to cook and bake though! I thought I was ready for the challenge. More importantly, I was going to spend every day with my child and not miss a moment. Little did I know what this was really going to mean. This was a big change that started off challenging and it still is challenging. Do not get me wrong…I LOVE being a stay-at-home mommy but it comes with challenges as everything does in life.

Continue reading