No News Flash Here: Some Doctors are A-Holes

The Walking Dead has been one of favorite TV shows to watch. If you have not watched the show yourself; you probably have heard of it and might even know people who love it. I am not sure why a show about people turning into zombies and eating other people appeals to me. The show has blood, guts, gore, and rotting flesh. Oh and yes it has a lot of drama between the characters. I will not lie and I will tell you that during a lot of the zombie scenes that I close my eyes or put my head under a pillow. I do not like these types of shows normally, but I did fall in love with the characters of the show. Why am I talking about zombies?

After finding out that my husband may be sterile the days started to seem to never end. I felt like a zombie walking around aimlessly having no idea what was going on around her. I felt empty! I felt unsure! I felt scared! I know that zombie technically do not have feelings, but you know what I mean.  My husband and I were both walking around with so much emotions and trying to conceal them in order to not make the other one feel more upset.

After contacting the doctor my husband was referred to a urologist. Somehow we got an appointment within the next week. Thank goodness for this! I think I was starting to rot and I was craving meat! Just kidding, but our current state of mind had to change. The morning of the appointment we both took off work. We got dressed in silence and then drove to the doctor in separate cars. The thoughts that probably went through my husband’s mind as he was driving to the doctor. I was so nervous and scared for him. I just wanted to hold him and tell him it was going to be okay.

 The lobby of the doctor’s office was so plain and blah. I do not know how they could get more beige in one room. Some paint and a carpet cleaner would have made a world of difference. He went to see the doctor by himself as I sat impatiently in the waiting room. I took work to do while waiting to keep my mind busy and to keep me from pacing the room. It did not take long until he was out. He looked adorable in his black dress paints, gray shirt, and pink and gray striped tie. Our eyes met and he walked over to me, “Are you ready to go. I need to get back to work soon,” he stated. Really? I have been sitting here trying to do work and really just worrying about you and that is all I get?

I gathered my things as quickly as possible and we were out the door. I followed him to his truck. We stood there for a couple of seconds and he says to me, “He thinks that I have cystic fibrosis. I have a natural vasectomy. The doc says that I will need surgery to get to my sperm, but he does think they are there.”

“Okay, wait a minute…cystic fibrosis. What? No way?” I replied in shock.

“Yep, now I need to go to work,” he said as he unlocked the truck and got in. “Love ya! See you tonight,” he said with a weak voice.

I kind of just stood there in shock as he drove off. What the heck? You tell me you have a medical diagnosis of cystic fibrosis (CF) and then you drive off. Communication! We must work on communication!

 So, after the shock, I got in my car and drove to work. That is all I remember about this day. I cannot tell you what happened when we got home or how I made it through the work day. All I know is that I was not going to tell anyone until I managed to get all the details.

He later told me that the a-hole of a doctor threw the information at him and walked out the door. He had not gone into detail. He had not told him about our next steps or what they really meant. He had left before my husband could even ask a question. So, my husband really did not have any further information to tell me. So, yes, some doctors cannot be called anything but a-holes.

Later, he called the a-hole’s office and they sent a referral to a CF doctor. My husband had a sweat test to confirm his diagnosis. He had to wear a patch on his body for a day that was going to cause him to sweat. They would test the about of chlorine in his sweat to determine if he truly had CF. He had the results in a couple of days and he indeed tested positive. Thank the Lord he does not have the pulmonary, or lung, complications that come with the disease. He is just missing the tube that delivers his sperm. So, yes he has a natural vasectomy. We later found out that he would need to have surgery to retrieve his sperm. It would then be frozen and used to fertilize my eggs through IVF. Our world was about to be very complicated and we had no idea just how complicated.

We had to deal with the a-hole doctor one more time, the day of the surgery and that is another story, so back to being a zombie until then….zombie_cartoon_girl-1-300x320


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