Parties, Parties, Parties


Have you ever been invited to a party and went because you felt you had to? I am not talking about the fun, let’s hang out and have a glass of wine party. I am speaking of a party where you go, listen to a talk about a product, eat some small finger foods, and feel like you need to buy something. Or better yet, you are asked to join an interactive party over Facebook. You have to play all of these “games,” that are totally boring.  While you’re waiting for someone else to respond to these games you get distracted and forget what you are supposed to be doing. The worst part about the online parties is that you do not even get finger foods. You still have to cook your own dinner.  UGH!

In the last couple of years, I have been invited to so many parties that I am partied out! To be honest, I started going to these parties to get out of the house and have some conversations that did not revolve around whose milk was left on the floor or who went potty and did not flush. Getting out of the house was nice, but then it started to get very old and I felt like my friends were using me for my wallet. Here are some of my insights that I have gained over the past couple of years from these “parties”.

Some of you reading this might sell some of these products to supplement your household income. Please note that these are just my opinions about these products and this is not meant to offend anyone.

  • Jamberry: So, after burning my fingers off with a hair dryer and spending an hour to put these on, I found that these wraps fell off as soon as I applied them. They felt like I was putting duct tape on my fingernails. I hated them! Too bad I bought four sets to get the fifth one free.
  • It Works: No it does not. I tried the Fat Fighters. Nothing happened and I felt the same. So, after being asked by multiple friends to “join their team” or to “be a tester,” I did some research online. There is no scientific proof that these products do a thing. Sorry friends, I just can’t.
  • Usborne Books: I have been invited to three of these parties at people’s homes and three on Facebook in the past year. I find that these books are just like any other book that I can buy anywhere. However, they are way more expensive. The pages rip like every other book, the book binding’s breakdown when toddlers dance on them, and they taste the same as a $.50 book to a teething baby. Moral of the story: I will still go to the secondhand book store for my books. Again, sorry friends.
  • Mary Kay: It gave me a rash and I ended up going to the doctor for medicine. Need I say more?
  • Pampered Chef: Oh how I love these products. I have a few and I would buy more.  I also love these parties because the food is amazing. My husband hates these parties because everything is also, “very expensive.”
  • Plexus: I have seen your before and after pics. Honey, you look the same. So, I have not tried this and I probably will not.  I believe that It Works ruined me.
  • Essential Oils: I have a hard understanding how rubbing oil on my feet is going to make my GI problems go away. I have tried peppermint oil for my headaches and it just made my head tingle. The headache stayed. No more snake oil…I mean essential oil for me.
  • Noonday: I do like this jewelry and the mission of the company. However, everything is so expensive. I am not sure how many people can afford to buy too much of this jewelry.
  • Norwex: A college friend who had to quit her job asked me to buy some Norwex. I did and even bought some for my family members. I am pretty sure no one in my family ever used theirs. I found that the microfiber clothes from Amazon Basics works just was well and are so much cheaper.

So, as you can see I have tried so many things for my friends. Who knows what I have put on and in my body for the past two years. I have paid my dues. I cannot do it anymore. Please, please fellow stay-at-home moms stop inviting me to your parties. That is unless you have a really nice Riesling and I have been trapped in the house for a week with sick kids, then I might go. J


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