Morning Perfection?

Picture This:

You are lying in bed and you are starting to slowly wake up. You stretch your legs out and you feel so peaceful, so relaxed. The house is perfectly quiet and the sun is lightly coming through the blinds. The bed is soft, warm, and perfectly comfortable. You do not feel extremely groggy. Then you realize, “Oh wow, I slept through the night! I feel great!” You close your eyes, snuggle your pillow, and curl up your legs. Could this get any better? The kids are still asleep, your husband is still asleep, and you lay there in what I call morning perfection.

Then, all of a sudden you start to feel like you forgot something. Hmmm…you think, “Today is Saturday. A nice calm day right? Holy Crap!” It hits you like a speeding bullet! You jump out of bed and look at your phone, 7:30am. In an hour and a half you will have a house full of people.

Crap, crap, crap…your alarm clocks (a.k.a your toddlers) slept in. Your belly starts to tie in knots and you remember your laundry list of things that you need to accomplish by 10:00.

  1. You need to shower, get yourself ready, and you wanted to look nice today. This means make-up and something that does not resemble sweat pants.
  2. Your children start to wake up. You must change diapers, make breakfast, get them dressed, fix their hair and find their shoes.  UGH! Why can we never find shoes in this house?
  3. You need to clean the downstairs and get rid of the evidence of cocktails and midnight snacks that you enjoyed with your spouse last night.
  4. You will need to clean the breakfast table, the floor, and the chairs. Goodness, will your babies ever stop being so messy, probably not with you as a role model.
  5. At nine your neighbors and financial advisor will be at your house to sign your wills and trusts (wills and trusts…that sounds pretty serious). Darn! You meant to have snacks and drinks for everyone. Never mind that now!
  6. You need to run to Wal-Mart to buy a birthday gift. Oops, how did you forget to do that yesterday?
  7. You have to get everyone to leave the house by 9:45 because you need to be at a birthday party at 10.  This party is for new friend’s son and you want to look like you have it together. Well, at least until she gets to know you.
  8. At 10:00, we must be at Chuckie Cheese with a smile and gift in hand.


Yep, this is how I roll. I am an unorganized hot mess. If you have any read of my other blogs you might have gathered that I am not a morning person. I blame this on my mom. She does not jump out bed ready to face the world either. Sorry mom, you know it is true. I struggle every single morning to make my eyes open. When they do, I am not always the most pleasant person. This is a huge fault of mine. I would like to say that I am working on it, but not really. I have just come to accept it.

So, waking up to a chaotic morning is my norm. I am pretty used to it now and I have learned to cope. I just wish the people around me could do the same. On this particular Saturday, I was running around like a mad woman. My husband, who is a morning person, looks at me and says, “I am going to help you!” My filter was still asleep and I laughed out loud. He says, “What does that mean?” and I just knew I better turn around and just say, “I love you!”

I am not sure how this happened, but things actually went okay. The house got clean. I looked presentable. My girls were happy and looked adorable. We went over our wills and the neighbors signed as our witnesses. We managed to get everyone out of the door by 10:15. We made it to the party by 10:30 (in our crazy life 30 minutes late is on time). I took the girls to the party while my husband ran to Wal-Mart to get a gift. He was back in no time and it all worked out. He did help me. I was wrong to laugh at him. Maybe…ok not maybe…defiantly a yes…I do need to work on my morning mood and organization. I need to fix this part of my life before my kids start school.

So, heres to hoping for more mornings of waking up to morning perfection, for long-term goals, and for a less chaotic life.

Well maybe in my next life.  Let’s be realistic!


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