Library Chaos

I love the library. It has always been one on my favorite places in the world. You walk in and the smell of books immediately hits your nose. Your eyes are filled with images of rows upon rows of books. There are comfy chairs, it is quiet, and no one is going to bother you. Aww…a happy place.

I could not wait to experience this with my children. I imagined them sitting in the isles with me, we are surrounded by books, and we are reading and enjoying new books together. It would look a little bit like a cheesy sitcom with us smiling, pointing and quietly giggling. Aww…the perfect outing…

I wish I could say that this is just what happened on our first trip to the library together.

Let me just start from the beginning. After breakfast I surprised my children by telling them were going to go on an adventure to the library. Turkey 2 was very excited and started asking many questions. I had to explain to her that this was not an enchanted library like on Sofia the First. We would not be going with Aunt Tilly and saving someone, there was not a magic balloon ride, and we would not be getting there by boat. She was immediately disappointed.

We arrive and I immediately have to start the process to get a library card. I use the computer and then have to go to the counter. The lady at the front counter looked like she had not smiled in years. She had one of those stone faces that was scary, even for an adult. She had long black hair with white roots, a lot of foundation on, and a sparkly shirt. Let’s just say that she would have fit in perfectly on a stage in Vegas. She took my ID and got everything set up. My kids at this point were running in circles and chasing each other in front of the desk. They had a lot of energy this morning with the excitement of a new place. We were the only people there so I did not see anything wrong with them playing and releasing some of their energy. Black hair dropped her head and looked up at me. Her eyeballs almost popped out of her head when she cleared her throat. I called my kids over and we left.

We made it to the kids section. There were a lot of kids there because story time had just finished. My two girls started to go over to play with the train table. A little boy pushed his way in front of Turkey 2 and I hear her yell, “Stop it!”  I see that the mother saw this little boy do this to my daughter and did not say anything to him for being a bully. I allow her to push back…not the right thing to do but she can hold her own. Turkey 1 runs up to me and grabs my leg. She says, “That boy is not our friend anymore.” I am pretty sure at this point that my face turned three shades of red. I took my kids by the hands and we walked away.

We sat in the isle next to the board books and I told my turkeys that they may choose books to take home and read. At this time Turkey 1 notices a computer and runs away from me yelling, “Come on mommy. Let’s go.”

Turkey 2 has decided to crawl on my lap and is trying to get my attention away from Turkey 1. I sit her down so I can run and get Turkey 1 and Turkey 2 lets out a scream. This is not uncommon for her so I just ignore it and go chase after Turkey 1.

At this point both kids are crying. They did not want to look at books, but wanted to play on the computer. Knowing that this would just consist of beating the keyboard until the keys fall off I tell them no. I pulled them along and tried to get them to look at books. It was just not going to happen. My dream was shattered. The white towel had been waved, abort mission, and get out as soon as possible….

I walked around and tried to find some books that they may like as they chased each other, giggled, cried, bumped into things, and broke every rule there is at a library. I found myself getting very embarrassed. I promise my kids do know how to act, just today they chose not to.

So, we go to check out and Turkey 1 starts to twirl. We are in front of the same stone faced woman. Turkey 1 then slips, falls, and hits her head on the desk. Oh my…let the 20 minutes of crying begin. I love this child with all my heart, but her drama can be a little too much sometimes. She barely tapped the desk and she is screaming as if she has a gash on her head and blood is spewing everywhere.

I put the books in a bag while holding Turkey 2 and listening to Turkey 1 scream. We walk out. I cannot be sure…but I think I heard the libraries cheer and dance as we walked out the doors.


One thought on “Library Chaos

  1. Haha, I really feel for you. I’ve often had embarrassing times trying to attend ‘Rhymetime’ at my local library. It’s supposed to be an idyllic setting where we all sit with children on our laps singing nursery rhymes. Both of mine prefer to either play with the fire extinguisher on the wall nearby, pull books off the shelves, poke other babies in the eyes, or make a break for freedom through the automatic doors and out into traffic. I’m telling myself that it will get easier when they’re a little bit older!


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