Super Mom? Maybe Not!

All, you have all the time in the world…said no mother ever!

Recently I feel like I have been drowning under all my responsibilities as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). How is this possible? Where does my day go? Well let me tell you:

At approximately 6:30 my girls usually start to roll out of bed. We are busy and nonstop until 8:30 when it is bedtime.

Our day consists of laundry, cleaning, playing, eating, cleaning up meals, preparing dinner, changing diapers, searching for cups, fighting over toys, coloring and crafts, and play dough cleanup. In order to keep my sanity I created a cleaning schedule so I did not feel like I have to clean the whole house every day. Since we are mostly at home during the day the house never stays clean for long anyway. I drown in chores and cleaning up food off of the floor. Some days I feel like all I do is clean!

Monday I clean up from the weekend and get back into routine. Tuesdays we go to gymnastics. Wednesdays my husband gets home early.  My goal is to make this library day and lesson planning day. Meal planning for the next week happens on Thursdays. Friday is errand and grocery shopping day. Saturday mommy relaxes in the morning and gets to sleep in while daddy and the girls make breakfast. Then we do any other shopping that needs to be done and we do some type of family activity with the kids. We go to church on Sunday. Church requires dresses (because the girls want to wear them), ironing, separate diaper bags, bibles, and fixed hair.

Now, on top of my daily routine I have added a Bible Study, gymnastics, play dates, story times, training for a half marathon and homeschooling into the mix. The bible study requires daily bible reading and answering questions. Gymnastics class requires a shower, make-up, and dry hair. Play dates require preplanning, packing of snacks and trying to look half way presentable. Homeschooling requires preparation of lessons, getting materials ready, and more patience that I can muster in any given day. Story times requires princess dresses and leaving the house. Leaving the house is something I have to make myself do these days. It is not easy to get everything ready and be out the door at a certain time.  I “train” for my marathon after the kids go to bed. I go running in the dark around my neighborhood and usually get scared by local wildlife that jumps out in front of me.

My carpets need cleaned, my windows need cleaned, my couch needs shampooed, my flowers need to be weeded, and my closets need reorganized.

Also, there is this man that comes home every day and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I feed him dinner, wash his clothes, and pick up after him…what is his name again? How do I know him? I think maybe I am married to him.

Am I a crazy mess?

I will answer that question for you…yes! I have two toddlers and this unorganized, crazy mom is about to have a panic attack. If I have this much trouble when they are toddlers, how will I handle life when they get older? How do moms do it all?

This does not even count holidays, birthdays, having family come to visit, going to doctor’s visits, or caring for a sick child. Oh goodness, even getting ready for a vacation is an Olympic event. There is the planning, packing, laundry, car entrainment to plan, and driving with crying/unhappy kids.

No wonder everyone says that time flies when your kids are at home. Moms never stop! We definitely need more than one day a year to celebrate not going into a loony bin and being able to be to function when we have all of this stuff to do.   

But let’s be honest. We would not trade these days for anything in the world. The smiles, the hugs, the cuddles, the spontaneous “I love you,” the joy on their faces, and being loved in return is worth it all! I cherish these days and do not want to ever think of the day when things start to slow down!


One thought on “Super Mom? Maybe Not!

  1. I love your post. I feel exactly like you do and I only have one baby. He is only 8 months but he wants all my attention all the time and I can barely do anything around the house. Sometimes, I can only have breakfast at 2-3pm :)). Tough life, but hopefully it will get better when they grow older.


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