Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Can you feel it?

I love Valentine’s Day and always have. I have spent the past 18 Valentine’s Days with my man. I have memories of a lot of Valentines days. There were the early years when just the thought of the special day gave me butterflies. We have always celebrated. Then there were the poor college kid years where was always managed to celebrate. The time Charles has a chemistry test on Valentine’s Day,  who does that to college kids? The years apart…I hated those.

When we got married and lived in the same house, Valentine’s Day lost a little shock factor. I got ready in the same room as him and we went to the same old restaurants and  ate the same old things, but I still loved every minute of it.

Now, here we are. 18 years and two kids later and we still try to celebrate one of my favorite holidays. With both kids sick this year we had to stay in and you guessed it…no sitter…no date… However, I was determined to have a good day.

So, the kids and I made cakes that were complete with spittle and snot. Yuck I know…but where you are a mommy you worry about that stuff less. We also decorated the kitchen and we went shopping for some special food.

Oysters, lobster, bison steaks, crispy potatoes with rosemary, and roasted asparagus was on the menu. I was so excited to surprise my husband with a good dinner.

However, as soon as he walks in the door it happens…mass chaos. The kids run to him and beg him to open presents. I stop dinner cooking for a bit and we open presents and cards from family. The kids are so happy. We try to open our presents to one another and then the kids cry because they thought the other wrapped gifts were theirs. So, my husband lets them open his. I open my card and my husband says to me, “I thought the kids would love it.”

We are done and back to dinner I go. I ask my husband if he wants to help me. However, Turkey One starts to throw a fit about the movie that we are not watching and continues to until my husband gives in. I, of course, tell him to not give in to the fit and we of course start to argue. We kiss and make up but Turkey One is still screaming and pouting.

We struggle to cook with demands of something to drink, I need your attention, and so forth. My head is about to explode because I just want to see my husband on Valentine’s Day…a little anyway.

We finally sit down. I have candles on the table, place-mats, a table cover and a cocktail waiting for me. We sit down, say grace, and then it all comes unraveled. Turkey One does not want to eat and Turkey Two spills her drink everywhere. My lobster is not done and his steak is under cooked and both have to go back to the grill.

My husband keeps getting up and down, I am begging kids to eat, and they are not having it. Finally, I give up. I eat, drink, and ignore the chaos around me. We finish up, eat our cakes and then dinner is done. I clean up the kids and then look at a very messy kitchen. I start to clean it up as my husband leaves the kitchen. I am there cleaning alone…as always.

My perfect Valentine’s dinner was mass chaos. I was devastated and now I have a mess to clean. My husband and my kids are just as happy as can be. The fits have stopped. There is paper and boxes in the living room for me to clean up. I do so…like always.

I finally get my house in order and it is time to get the kids in bed. I lay in bed with Turkey Two for over an hour waiting for her to go to sleep. I come downstairs and my husband is still on cloud nine and in the garage. He comes in and wants to know if I want to watch a movie. We do and then go to bed with Turkey Two laying between us fast asleep.

I have to ask myself…what happened?  What just happened?

One day my kids will be gone and it will just be the two of us and then we will miss them. However, now, right now….I miss my husband…






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