I am a Carb Addict!

I can smell it in the air. The smell of fresh baking bread. The yeasty goodness that makes my mouth water! I can visualize teary the bread and I can see the white fluffiness of the inside as it starts to break. The steam starts to dance itself out of warm bread and is inviting me to take a bite.

I reach in the refrigerator for the butter and put a dollop on the bread. It starts to melt and fill in the little gaps inside the bread.

This is what I dream about as I lay in bed at night…eating carbs. It is true and I cannot deny it, I am a carbohydrate addict. I think bread and grains are the main staple to my diet. My food pyramid consists of mostly carbs with sprinkles of protein and veggies.

My typical day starts with a pop tart, for lunch a protein bar and a handful of something like pretzels or crackers, Goldfish as a snack, and then dinner with potatoes, meat and a veggie. Since my husband hates potatoes, you would think this would have changed over the years but it has not.

I have recently…wait for it…gained weight. It is because I have added too much dessert and sometimes candy into my diet. I have started snacking in between snacks. Also, I have not worked out in a very long time. So, I made it a pledge to cut out the added sugar of sweets and sugary drinks in my diet. I have also tried to really limit that amount of starchy carbs. Also, since we are doing IVF I have cut out alcohol , all pop/soda, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine.

I have not cut out carbs totally and I have cheated…but as soon as I start to stimulate it will happen…

  • No cheating
  • No added honey to take the place of sugar
  • No bread or potatoes at all
  • No starchy carbs
  • No oats for breakfast
  • No protein bars covered in chocolate for lunch

I am going through total withdraw and I am feeling like I am going through some type of treatment program for addicts. I really need carbs addict anonymous (CAA) in my life right now. This is hard…I mean really hard.

I dream about carbs, I think about them all day, I see other people eating them and get jealous, and I am unsatisfied with every meal. And if all of this is not bad enough…I have gained 2 pounds. I am not eating less calories but probably more because I am unsatisfied when I eat and I am eating a lot, I mean a lot of protein.

All I have to say is that Panera better stock their shelves! The day of egg retrieval I will be there waiting for the perfect bread bowl, bagel, cookie, and sandwich.