Thought of the Day: Why does it seem to matter if my legs rub together?

Just my random thoughts on this:

I happen to be incredibly short. Well, maybe not that short. I am 5 feet tall (actually 5 ft. point something…but not five one). I was blessed with a short body and no legs. When I say no legs, I mean my legs are like maybe 28 inches long. My thigh muscles, also known as quads, are huge. If that is not bad enough I also have cellulite. I have beautifully dimpled, flabby, 28 inch long legs (typed with sarcasm). And guess what, I have a totally normal BMI and I am not overweight.

America my legs have and always will rub together. So, America what does that say about me? What does this mean…I have curves and maybe some would say that I even have thunder thighs? Does this mean that I am a “real woman” because “real women have curves?” I believe that I this on a TV commercial. Well, I guess it is a good thing that I do because I would not want to be considered a fake woman!

So, yes I am short and curvy. I have never been able to wear a maxi dress because they are too long. Let’s be honest people, those are meant for tall women with perfect figures anyway. Every dress for prom that I wore had to have a foot cut off of it. When I go shopping for jeans, I need to give myself a pep talk because they really never carry enough pairs of “short” jeans in any store. It is like all of America should fit into the “regular” category. Also, I cannot tell you how many of my jeans have gotten holes in the inner legs from my “thunder thighs.”

I have body image issues and I always will. I hate my shape, my cellulite, my short legs, that way I look naked, any bathing suit ever made… I will never be one of those women who are on TV or YouTube videos embracing who I am and loving my body. I am a normal, thirty something, short girl living in a world with “regular” length people whose legs are also not supposed to rub together. I value how I look by a number on a scale because I will never like the way I look. So, that is why I rely on a number. Many magazines and professional people say to not rely on the scales, but for me that is all I can rely on.

I have to say that in a way that I do blame the media for some of my issues. Every woman in every magazine is thin, has long legs, and yes their legs do not touch. This is what every woman in every magazine has. This is what you see on lotion commercials. This is what you see everyone you look in our entertainment world. I was watching a TV talk show one day and they were actually doing a segment on how to loose leg fat and how to get your thighs to not rub together. UGH! I will never be this way or will many of Americans. And because of this we are made to feel ugly…. I worry about this more and more each day as I am raising two beautiful little girls. I do not want them to be like their mommy and how can I protect them from this. I do not want my daughters to look at the scales or the media as a measure of who they are as a person. God made them in his image, to live in this world, and fulfill His plan for them. That is what truly matters America!

So America: How do we protect our daughters? How do we break this cycle? Why does it matter how look on the outside when what is on the inside is what matters? Why the heck does it matter if my thighs rub together?



2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Why does it seem to matter if my legs rub together?

  1. My legs have always rubbed together my entire life. I just naturally have big thighs. My favorite way to think of it when I’m having a down day about it is “If your thighs touch, you’re just that much closer to being a mermaid!”


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